Back to work – no corona?

After three and a half months, finally, I’m back at work. Corona has hit our transport and tourism industry hard. So in the initial phase when we were almost all at home, there was a period of uncertainty. Slowly, things stabilized and then even began to improve. With each release of measures, part of the co-workers returned to work. I finally got to see this day myself 🙂


My time in absence was running very slow. From the initial weeks, when we were all confused, I slowly got organized and tidied up the pantry at home, rearranging one room. I engaged in household chores such as painting and drilling holes and hanging paintings. However, the longer it lasted, the more numb I was. After the first release of measures, I managed to go on a short sailing and a weekend in my parents’ apartment in Croatia. Slowly, people were returning to work and I was still at home. I couldn’t find any more chores, my lower back started to ache from lying, I completely destroyed my biorhythm. But I hope things get better from today

The atmosphere at work is OK. But we are not all back yet. Some new procedures have been introduced, but nothing drastic. We went to the old place for coffee again. We went to a Korean restaurant for lunch. It seems like better days are coming. But at the same time, the infection is spreading again. This time the danger comes from the east. Today was the first day, I hope this semi-normal state will last as long as possible. We will see what the future holds for us

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