Wine & Fish

At 7 pm we met for dinner at the Old Square in Vino & Ribe. It was hot and humid outside. I came on foot from Rudnik and I was cooked. We sat outside. The table party varies from 3 to 6 people. Katka and I order a fish plate for two. We drink open wine, Malvasia.


The very concept of the restaurant is interesting, a kind of combination of fish & chips fast food and fish restaurant. So the experience itself is a combination of mixed feelings. There is more than enough food for dinner, few pieces we even had left. The quality is average and the taste is mediocre. The wine was served warm, which I consider a big minus. The staff was also quite uninterested and we had to wait for them to order. Food for 3, 3 liters of open wine, a couple of beers was 70 €.

The whole experience was good because I was with people close to me. It was interesting to try such a mixed concept for seafood. But in the end, it’s neither fancy nor cheap. I’ll probably go there someday because the location is nice, and then I’ll order the gyres and beer in a can.

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