To Batumi

After waking up some people got to accommodation. It was a shitty morning, without sleep and things I walked to Marshutka, 7000 AMD=16.5€. Now it was time for a 6-hour ride. We stopped a few times, many serpentines on the road, and lost 1 hour at the border. I bought chips, juice, and water on the way, 2000 AMD=5.5 €.

In Tbilisi, I ate at Mcdonald’s, 21 GEL=7.5 €. Then I bought a cable for charging the phone and then plug as well, 45 GEL=16 €.

To Batumi 1

From there I moved to the train station with Metro, 1 GEL. I bought a ticket for Batumi, 34 GEL=16 €. I had some time before the ride so I walked around the mall, and bought cigarettes, 7.5 GEL=2.5 €.

To Batumi 2

Finally got on to the train and there I stayed for 5 hours, nice, clean. I bought a sandwich, 6 GEL=2 €. On arrival, it was cold.I took a taxi 15 GEL=5.5 € to a fancy apartment in a tall building, 113 GEL=41 €. After showering, I watched tv and smoked a cigarette on the balcony gazing fountain and lights from balcony

To Batumi 3

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