To Kutaisi

I woke up early but stayed in bed longer, after check out went I went to a Jewish restaurant EXODUS, 35 GEL=12.5 € for khachapuri and tea, a total rip-off, and in the end, added tax?

To Kutaisi 1

From there I moved to the beach, the sea was cold with big waves, so no swimming, just put my hand in. From there I continued to green ally by the beach, a nice place.

To Kutaisi 2

Then I turned into town, nice houses. On the way to the bus station not so nice area, bought some underwear and socks, 10 GEL=3.5 €. Next was marshrutka to Kutaisi, 20 GEL=7 €. I missed one by minutes so I had to wait one hour until the next one. I bought some water 1.5 GEL=0.5 €.

To Kutaisi 3

The ride was smooth, and fast, with few stops, a bit over 2 hours. At the station asked about the next morning’s transport. Looked for a place to sleep close by. Got the whole apartment at 4 brothers for 40 GEL=14 €.

To Kutaisi 4

As I settled in it started to rain. I stayed inside. It was cold so I turned on a radiator. Nothing to do but stay on my phone. The rain stopped after 22h and it got even colder, too late to go sightseeing. Soon the internet was not working and I fell asleep.

To Kutaisi 5

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