Georgia flag - Gruzija zastava

Georgia flag – Gruzija zastava

Georgia is contry in western Asia, Caucasus with capital Tbilisi (cathedral, fortress, baths, …). Attractions are Kaketi wine country in the east, church of holy trinity in north and Black sea in the west. Currency is Lari (1€=2.75 GEL, 2023). EU citizent don’t need visa

georgia - silhouette

georgia – silhouette



I took a trip to 3 countries (Azerbaijan, Georgia, and Armenia) in this region bordered by the Great (North), Lesser (South) Caucasus mountain range, and the Black (West) and the Caspian (East) Sea. I...



I woke up early, showered, and “packed”. Then I took a short walk in the suburbs, the city was asleep, not a nice area, one park was ok. I bought 3 bananas for 5.5...

batumi by night

To Batumi

After waking up some people got to accommodation. It was a shitty morning, without sleep and things I walked to Marshutka, 7000 AMD=16.5€. Now it was time for a 6-hour ride. We stopped a...