I woke up early, showered, and “packed”. Then I took a short walk in the suburbs, the city was asleep, not a nice area, one park was ok. I bought 3 bananas for 5.5 GEL=2 €. I had to wait for a bit more for the first marshrutka at 7:30, 3 GEL=1 €.

Kutaisi-Budapest-Ljubljana 1

It took less than 30 minutes to airport. The airport is small and new. I had to do a check-in procedure even though I had no baggage, they don’t have the ability for the phone app. Usual procedure: toilet, cigarette, and souvenirs 24 GEL=8.5 €.

Kutaisi-Budapest-Ljubljana 2

The flight was nothing special, used seats over wings for a short time. We needed around 3.5 hours to arrive. At the airport, we waited for the bus to take us from the airplane. Then I took bus #100 to the city center, 220 HUF=6.

I went to the river and took a cruise, 13.5 € from GetYourGuide. There you see important landmarks from the boat, like bridges (Chain, Margaret, Liberty), the parliament building, and Margaret Island you can also visit. You got an audio guide and two drinks in a more than one hour tour.

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From there went to the shop, bought deodorant, nuts, and beer, 6 €. Then in the tobacco shop got cigarettes that were almost 6 €. I rested a bit on the bench then sat at a bar, 3300 HUF=9 € for beers. From there with metro M3 to Nepliaget station, 350 HUF=1 €. I took a slice of pizza for 590 HUF=1.5 € before entering the bus. Flixbus ride from 7pm till 1am the next morning. I bought juice 970 HUF=2.5 € at one of the stops. I arrived at home city very tired and with back pain at 1:30 am. It was time for the last ride, a taxi for 8 €.

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