Around Yerevan

Again I traveled with a German couple. In the morning I met Kati and Tim at my place. A bit later Lili picked us up and we drove off to the countryside. We stopped at a viewpoint on mountain Ararat in clouds.

Around Yerevan 1

First, we visited an ancient Greek temple, Garni.

Around Yerevan 2

From there 5 minutes away in the gorge was a rock formation, Symphony of Stones, basalt formed from quickly frozen lava.

Around Yerevan 3

Now it was time for the 13th-century Geghard monastery carved into the rock.

Around Yerevan 4

On our way back to the capital we stopped at a lake, someone invited us for coffee but we were in a hurry.

Around Yerevan 5

Then it was time for lunch back in the city. At the food court I chose a dish with chicken and mushrooms in a clay pot and a bulgur salad.

Around Yerevan 6

The last visit was to the church from where started Christianity in Armenia, Khor Virap..

Around Yerevan 7

In the evening we had some dinner for 1000 ADM=2 €. Later we went out for a beer in Calumet bar and after the others left I continued on my one, mistake. Later I left my backpack in a bar and later it was gone. I tried to find it without luck. It complicated things, key and camera.

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