At 7am we arrived in Yerevan, a nice station. I had a good night’s sleep, but it got a bit frosty because we forget to close the window.

Yerevan 1

I walked with Oleg to his hotel and then moved on. First I bought some cigarettes, 2000 AMD=5 €. Everything here opens late. Finally found an open bar (DOC) and went for a coffee, 1400 AMD=3.5 €.

Yerevan 2

After some search found a place to sleep, 27000 AMD=64 € for 2 nights, AMIGO stay wit private roo, shared bathroom. I arranged the laundry, waited for the room to be available, and after the shower had some sleep. In the afternoon I walked around the city. I ate kebab, 1000 AMD=2.5 €, not good.

Yerevan 3

Later I met Lili at Cascades. She brought along one more friend. We went to a pub/brewery to eat something (chicken wings, khachapuri, fries) and have a drink, and a nice conversation. One way home bought beer, 650 AMD=1.5 €. It started to rain and I went to bed after beer and a cigarette.

Yerevan 4

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