After almost no sleep in the hostel, the problem was with my back and snoring. We moved out of the city around 7am. 2 more people joined us from a hostel, Pedro from Argentina and a girl from the US. Tim drove to Singhighi, a lovely town on a hilltop with protective walls, we walked around.

Kakheti 1

Now it was. my turn to drive. I drank an energy drink to stay awake 5 GEL=2 €, and on to the winding road. We stopped at Numisi Winery, walked around and as we wanted to leave somebody came to offer us a tour with drinks, but we moved on. Off-road drive to hike close to Lake Lopota. The rain made us return after an hour.

Kakheti 2

Some more driving when Tim spots their friend from Germany traveling by bicycle to Inda, that meant a short stopover. Tim took over and drove to Gombori Pass for a view and back to Tbilisi where we returned the car and I bought some wine, 75 GEL=26.5 €.

Kakheti 3

After farewell from the Germans, I moved by metro (1 GEL, deep underground, fast stairs) to the ugly train station. I ate dinner at the cafeteria (buckwheat, grilled peppers, chicken, spinach, filled bread, and beer), 22 GEL, 8 €. I bought a sleeper ticket in first class for 172 GEL=61 € and at 20:20 we were on our way. I was sharing a compartment with Oleg from St. Peterburg. I put some wine from Georgia on the table and he added chacha. We had a pleasant conversation. We had a long border procedure and back to bed, I had a good night’s sleep in comfort (linen, slippers. towel, toiletries, shower).

Kakheti 4

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