Osaka-Kyoto 1

After shower I packed and moved into rainy city. I took metro 240 JPY to shrine Sumiyoshi Taisha shrine. I stumbuled on my way there to shrine for prosperity with car figurines.

Osaka-Kyoto 2

In Main temple there were some prist making prayer. Also you can see nice red traditional bridge there. Now I used tram 230 JPY and metro 240 JPY to visit castle. It was big and crowded.

Osaka-Kyoto 3

I moved to Nara. For that I needed 3x metro/train 240+620 JPY. Nara was one of previous capitals of Japan were you can find many temples. I visited few temples and shrines, 800 JPY, saw biggest wooden buda in the world.

Osaka-Kyoto 4

It is famous for deer walking around, being fed by people, and sometimes they bow after getting food. But for me they were too pushy, even chewing on people’s clothes. Also, it was raining and cold.

Osaka-Kyoto 5

From there I moved to Kyoto, train 760 JPY. I was staying in a hotel MONday Kyoto, 61 €. But I first went to the wrong hotel, because there are 2 hotels with the same name, 300 meters apart. In the room, I made myself tea took some pills, and lay down in the provided nightgown for 2 hours.

Osaka-Kyoto 6

In the evening I was ready again to go out. I went to the market for dinner, chicken and udon noodles, and beer for 1700 JPY. Walked past the part with bars, but nothing got my attention. Then I moved to the old part of town with traditional houses and geisha performances but I was too late to catch a show.

Osaka-Kyoto 7

Now I turned towards the shrine with thousands of Torri gates, Fushimi Inari Shrine. First with metro 260 JPY, then walking by the river in a dodgy-looking part of town. On arrival late at night there were just a few people and it was a nice experience walking there in peace.

It was time to get back, some walking, shopping for 500 JPY, the last train for 230 JPY, and some more walking. In the hotel, I took time to wash my hair and tried to comb it.

Osaka-Kyoto 8

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