Sri Lanka 2017

This was a trip to Sri Lanka with a short escape to the Maldives on return. This time we traveled with a kid 5 years old so we searched for a location that was not too much off-road. As we decided on Asia the best option would be Thailand or Sri Lanka. Because some of the people in the group already visited Thailand we decided on Sri Lanka.

Sri Lank is in the shape of a tear (of India). You will probably fly to Colombo in the West. In the North there is Jaffna, in the south is not popular while they were in a war. In the East, I suggest Tricomalee with Pigeon Island. South is best for beach time. The central part is interesting because of historical sites as Anuradhapura, Mihintale, Polonnaruwa, Sigiriya … Below there are highlands with tea plantations, Kandy, Ella, Nuwara Eliya, the climate is nicer… Most national parks are inland with elephants, on occasion maybe also some big cats you will see.

Transportation in Sri Lanka is not the easiest. There is a possibility of public transport (bus or train). But with a child that can be a challenge so we rented a van with a driver for most of the trip. Short distances are best crossed with tuk-tuk. Boats are used for coastal trips.

Food is typical for central Asia, rice with curry. In the North, meals are more similar to India (dosa, samosa). At the coast there are a lot of fish and shrimp meals. Chilli is one of the basic ingredients in their cuisine. I loved deviled chicken. The immigration process at the airport included a visa, 30 €. 1 € was around 160 Sri Lanka rupees.

The Maldives was brief, so long as they are seen before they disappear. We stayed at the nearest island of Hulhumale where it is possible to get off the airport by road. Otherwise, there are distances up to 850 km which are crossed by airplanes or by boat. The capital of Male is overpopulated and not interesting. 1 € is about 16 rufi. A visa is arranged at the airport. The archipelago has everything to do with the sea. The food is seafood, delicious. Alcohol is prohibited except in tourist locations. The beaches have white sand and beautiful blue sea. The main activity is snorkeling. For longer stays on the islands, it’s the potential of romantic resorts or adventures with a Shappa-type agency.

Daily overview

sri lanka flag
sri lanka flag

Sri Lanka

maldives flag
maldives flag


Summary of the trip

Visited 2 countries (Sri Lanka, Maldives) in 19 days, where 3 friends accompanied me. 5 flights (16.500 km), 5 boats, 2 trains (200km), a van with a driver (1.400 km), buses, tuk-tuks, tea plantations, elephants, sharks, whales, a lot of fish, old rocks, thousands of stairs, different tastes, hospital, spent around 2100 € total (flight, van, sleeping, food, …).

So overall impression, I was in need of a vacation after 3 years and got it. There was a lot of movement and also relaxation in the end. But it got downsides; it was impersonal, it was too organized and it was too expensive. Probably some time will pass before doing it like this again.

sri lanka 2017
sri lanka 2017

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