Skydiving bestman

While my best friend had it all in reverse order, first child than marriage. So, I as the best man had to organize a bachelor party after the wedding. We played with multiple ideas but in the end, we decided that he should jump from the plane. He is afraid of heights so jumping out of the plane is similar to jumping into the marriage. All included greed that we should do it together as support. So we all agreed on weekend 19.-20.10, now we just hoped for good weather this late in the year.

On Saturday we (me, Simon, Tedej and Aljaž) arrived at Nagla’s home early in the morning. He knew that he needs ID, towel and he will be away for the weekend. After shortstop at gas station Simon drove into the nice morning to Dolenjska region. Gregor was a bit confused. After some searching, we arrived at a small airfield in “Šentvid pri Stični”. At that moment all was clear and Gregor has been showing big discomfort.

Skydiving bestman 1

After paying, bit less than 200 € per person (discount for 5 people) we came into a tent where we changed into some overalls. Also, we got short instructions on how to act in air. While we were jumping in tandem and airplane was small just 2 out of 5 could go at once, so it was necessary to do it in 3 flights. I and Simon showed least fear and we went first into the plane DR400. In small plane 7 people crowded, pilot, 2 tandems and 2 individual jumpers. After a short runaway, we start climbing slow and steadily. I was cramped in small place but spirits were high, we were joking in the back. I had to level pressure while we were at 4300 m after 12 minutes of flying. We rolled up a curtain and individual jumpers were gone. It was my turn. I sat on the ledge, legs dangling out of the plane, holding straps, leaned back and tandem pilot rolled us out. After a few starting seconds where we were turning around, it was 50 seconds of stable free fall. I adjusted to my new windy surroundings and started to enjoy it.

Skydiving bestman 2

Time run out fast and parachute opened. That moment was not comfortable. But it changed experience, now we glided slowly. The pilot explained a few things, showing me Ljubljana. Then it was time to pull ropes. First, it was slowly turning to one side followed by a sharp turn to the other side. I stopped after two loops while I was out partying the day before and didn’t want any accidents to happen. So again slow gliding. For landing, I had to lift and hold my legs.

Skydiving bestman 3

I received a diploma for jump and after all of us performed it we sat for a beer discussing an experience that all of us enjoyed. We would repeat it but it cost too much. The experience was that great because all involved from Prosti pad were top professionals. I suggest if you decide to do it. And my pilot Tomaž Hrast has 10.000 jumps and great people skills.

Next, we moved toward the coast, we went to a shop to buy some food and drinks and stoped at Stazione Parenzana restaurant in Seča. The restaurant had great food and beers. I had Tomahawk steak. From there we moved to Croatia, Pula. After a few beers, we got to Babariga. After a few more beers on the balcony it was time to go to bed.

After breakfast, we went to the beach, lay down a bit and gone towards home. Stopped for a drink in the bar with a great view and soon our adventure was over.

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