Sarajevo/Mostar 29.5-2.6.2013

My friends and I were deciding where to go on vacation together. A larger group gathered and we decided for Sarajevo, a city where I am always happy to return. We even got some coupons for a cheap accommodation and we were ready to go.


Sarajevo/Mostar 29.5-2.6.2013 1

On Wednesday morning we started after a sleepless night. I packed up and Andreja picks me up, the next one is Marian. A little nervousness while we wait for him. The path continues to Krško, where the entire team gathers. After shopping at Hofer, we go for a drink and are already on our way. We crossed the border and drove across Croatia. We stop several times in between. When we entered Bosnia, I am already tired. Finally, we stopped in front of the Hotel Telal (we got this place cheap through coupons, 11eur / night for a person, good location, everything else is not to be commended). It’s time for the first ćevapi in town. We went to the store for a drink. In the end, we stopped at the bar next to the cathedral for a shot. It’s time to return back to the hotel where I was first in bed.

Sarajevo/Mostar 29.5-2.6.2013 2


Sarajevo/Mostar 29.5-2.6.2013 3

After breakfast, we go a little around the Baščaršija. Here we separate, I went to visit Aunt Almas at the hospital. The next stop is Datalaba, the company where I used to work. I said hello to my co-workers and made an appointment for the evening. We met with the group again at Sarajevo Brewery. In the evening I met Nedim and Aldin at the cathedral. After returning to the hotel, the team and I were in one room and debated on the balcony. Ada and Miha were arguing, I went to bed.

Sarajevo/Mostar 29.5-2.6.2013 4


Sarajevo/Mostar 29.5-2.6.2013 5

After the same breakfast, we went around the city a bit. We head to the tunnel, looking for the Kolar house. The guide told her story in the besieged city, sad. I meet my classmate Maida in the afternoon. We drink something and went to the aščinica to eat. I order bamija – okra. This is followed by a visit to Muhammad and Hajri, Provare. In the evening I met the company in the Višegrad tavern. Next to us is a local company with an accordion. They play on the other side of the Pliva. The evening continues with dancing and brandy. From there we go on with the waiters …

Sarajevo/Mostar 29.5-2.6.2013 6


Sarajevo/Mostar 29.5-2.6.2013 7

Morning walk and coffee with Marjan. We go to Mrkva where the waiters have known me since the evening before, we order kebabs. Return to the room where I rest a bit, the others go to Bjelašnica. In the afternoon again around the city and on the veal under the sač. Women go shopping. I met Keno, Emir, and Neda. They order ćevapi, followed by coffee and some sweets. I went to the BBI center with Ken to chat a bit. In the evening I went to the cathedral from where Sanja took us to KUD Baščaršija (classic checkered tablecloth and accordion – with money and brandy). Marijan and Andreja come along a little later. A mixed group gathers – the locals, CouchSurfers, and us. From there we went to the Underground Club (15x brandy is one round) and then finish in Kino Sloga club. In the taxi to the hotel, I smoked cigarettes from the taxi driver.

Sarajevo/Mostar 29.5-2.6.2013 8


Sarajevo/Mostar 29.5-2.6.2013 9

Waking up in the morning after a short sleep and leaving the hotel (Marjana). We decided to return via Mostar. I’m still quite tired from the previous days. We walked through the old part of town. We sat somewhere overlooking the Old bridge. We ordered beer and ćevapi. We headed towards home, got a little lost in between, and stopped. We were home just before midnight.

Sarajevo/Mostar 29.5-2.6.2013 10

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