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Mostar is biggest city in Herzegovina region (Bosna and Herzegovina), know for old bridge over Neretva in old town.

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Bosnia and Herzegovina-4 days

Ljubljana-Banja Luka-Jajce-Sarajevo On Friday at 13h Nomago crew (Robert, Blaž, Borut, Andrej) picked me up in front of my office. From there we moved toward Bosnia. In Slovenia, we had two stops, first for...

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Zenica, Sarajevo and Mostar

Ljubljana-Zenica 4.8.2021 Mother had to go to Zenica. In order not to take the bus, I offered to drive her. I took the car from my sister. We woke up early, but still a...

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Sarajevo/Mostar 29.5-2.6.2013

My friends and I were deciding where to go on vacation together. A larger group gathered and we decided for Sarajevo, a city where I am always happy to return. We even got some...

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Ex YU 2000

On 1st August 2000, after the Lou Reeds concert in Križanke, Nagla came home where Miki and I joined him and we slowly started our journey to Korčula, Croatia. But it turns out to...