Robi suggests a Koffin Kats concert. I didn’t know them before, they play an interesting subgenre of punk, psychobilly. The trio from Detroit has real energy, the singer plays the double bass as an interesting feature. They played in Gala Hala on Metelkova as part of the PUNK ROCK HOLIDAY 1.3 WARMUP SHOW.

metelkova - gala hala - koffin kats
metelkova – gala hala – koffin kats

On Wednesday, I met Robi and Mojca there at 9 p.m. The performance itself is energetic and interesting. Also on stage were the Slovenian psychobilly band Clockwork Psycho, a similar trio with a double bass singer accompanying them on the European part of the tour. In any case, it was a nice get-together and a concert that stayed in memory.

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