Morricone, Križanke, 27.8.2008

It was hot summer night and we met behind križanke (Alenka, Boštjan, Matija). Križanke hosted Ennio Morricone with orchestra Roma Sinfonietta and chore Coro Lirico Sinfonico Romano as part of Festival Ljubljana

We opened a beer, sat on a the bench and enjoyed the music in the background. The first part was dedicated to the music he wrote in the last period, especially a cantata for flute with first performance outside Italy. The second part was devoted to film music, where it is most recognizable from Sergio Leone’s film – Once upon a time in the West. In this case, the composer was also the conductor.

Somewhere in the middle of concert mayor Zoki came along with to bouncers to each group sitting outside Križanke and told us to be quiet beacuse inside is concert. It was same 5 minutes after he left, but it was not to loud to begin with. Later mayor puts fances around Križanke in time of concerts.

Later I Boško drove me on his bike, on handlebars. We fell in front of police station in Most but somehow I finished at home safely.

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