Sarajevo 14.-18.8.2008 film festival

We drove to Sarajevo with old Volvo (Matjaž, Tedej, Nagla and me). We rented 2 twin rooms in the city center Baščaršija. Nagla was in the room with me and snoring. But I could hear Tedej snoring from the next room. I don’t know how Matjaž survived.

One day I met with Nedim. I got T-shirt from Heiniken in a bar.

Sarajevo 14.-18.8.2008 film festival 1

Next day I met with Maida, we had nice chat.

We went to theater to watch one animated movie.

While walking Tedej heard music from the radio and said, Magnifico. And then came Magnifico by and said Yes it is 🙂 Otherwise I won the game with the help of Merlin

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