Open kitchen with niece and nephew

On Friday, I met at Prešeren Square with my niece and nephew and moved to the Open Kitchen because they hadn’t been there yet. For a start, we walked past all three rows of stalls and took a look at what’s available. In order to try as many things as possible, we agreed to take one portion each time and divide it among us. We eliminated seafood because my niece don’t like it.

The first meal was chosen by the nephew and we took langash with roasted bull and horseradish from Dvorni bar. This is a Hungarian dish that is also known here in Pomurje. The dough is like a bread, only it is salty and coated with garlic dip. A bull was prepared for a long time, the meat was soft and tasty, and horseradish and pieces of young onion were sprinkled on top. A delicious snack for 7 €.

Open kitchen with niece and nephew 1

I chose the next meal because they couldn’t decide. I took marinated black angus beef, € 8.5. Otherwise, the ingredients were of good quality but the meat was far from medium done. Of course, it’s not the same as in the inn, but I still expected more from Shambala.

Open kitchen with niece and nephew 2

After a long selection proces, Abi falafel was picked as next dish. We chose the most abundant option to try as much as possible, € 10. They were most excited about the chickpea falafel. Other flavors didn’t bother them either, even though they were new to them. However, 5 dishes and 2 salads were too many at a time and we left a little.

Open kitchen with niece and nephew 3

This was followed by a mandatory stop in at Roza slon – Pink Elephant. They took Pad thai and Pad prik, which was too piquant for them. Since there was already too much food, they put it away for later, which was not difficult in convenient packaging. I had a little chat with the chef and the others.

Open kitchen with niece and nephew 4

Finally, we got to desserts; ice cream rolls, waffles, and baklava. I think we had one nice Friday get-together. They tried something new. I, on the other hand, met a couple of friends again; Barbara, Venesa, …

Open kitchen with niece and nephew 5

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