Moonage Daydream – movie

Tedej called me if I will join him, Matjaž, Mea and Andrej in watching a film about David Bowie. Saturday afternoon, I have nowhere to go so I accepted the invitation. We met at 17:15 in front of Kino Dvor, bought tickets (€5.3) and drunk beer before the show, which started at 17:45

Before watching the film, I just knew that it was not a typical documentary and that it had good reviews. The film lasts 2 hours and a quarter. The hall is sold out and we only got seats in the balcony, in the first row. The view is not bad, but the comfort is still bad.

The film itself is really not a typical documentary. The director alternates clips from David’s life, and also throws in some monumental excerpts from elsewhere (eg Un Chien Andalou by Bunel). In between, he adds a statement from the artist throughout his career. The background is his music. MOvie decribes the artist’s various periods from youthful rebellion, constant searching, to the commercial phase and settling down in old age. Reminds me a bit of Siddhartha by Hesse. After the end of the movie, I was a little tired of the constantly changing visual collage and, of course, the uncomfortable seats.

After the movie, we sat down for a drink again, Mea and Andrej went hunting dormouse, and the rest of us went to Metelkova and played handball in Mariča with Slavec Colnarič, the drummer of the Pankrts. The evening drags long into the night.

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