Hladno pivo in Kino Šiška

In the morning at work, Borut told me that Hladno pivo had a concert today. I tried to buy ticket through the website, it didn’t work. Everything looks like I will miss concert. During the day, I forget about it and after work, before joining my colleagues for a beer, I called the cash desk just in case. When she told me that there are only 4 tickets left, I rush to the nearby Petrol and bought a ticket, €24. Now I was off for a well-deserved beer.

Hladno pivo in Kino Šiška 1

It was early for the concert, but if I went home I would have a hard time getting back. That’s why I decided to go to Šiška and eat something there in peace. Next to Kino Šiška is a Mexican restaurant. I sat there and join Iva and her company. After 2 hours we headed towards the hall. I also meet Anže (with whom I was at last Hladno pivo concert in OrtoBar) and the Pajić brothers. We arrived at the hall half an hour after the scheduled start time, but the hall was still empty, so we got in the first row right up to the stage.

Soon Katedrala hall filled up and the group came on stage (Mile, Zoki, Mladen, Šoki and Deda + Stanko). This was supposed to be their last tour before going on hiatus after 35 years. Therefore, it was not surprising that the concert was sold out. They would probably also fill something bigger, for example the Tivoli, but to me they sound more authentic in a smaller venue. Of course, I’ve been with them since the first album Đinovski. Through 8 albums they kept changing.

They start slowly with Pravo ja, they communicated nicely with the audience. There was plenty of cold beer, both on stage and in glasses. One full glass flies across the audience and into my head. I went to the toilet to wash up a bit and get another round, I also met Boris and Masha. In between, the songs Sarma and Bubašvaba, silly but popular according to Mile, were performed. Of course, they have deepened the lyrics since then, but these are songs from my high school years. Again they swinged to slower ballads and finished with Fur immer punk and Nije sve tako sivo. I also meet Andreja and Slavc. I hung out with Iva and Boris a little after midnight and took a taxi home. The next day, Covid sick?

Setlista (partial)

Pravo ja
Jednim osmjehom
Ne volim te
Pjevajte nešto ljubavno
Buba švabe
Šamar, Ranjeni i ludi
Soundtrack za život
Na ovim prostorima
Samo za taj osjećaj
Teško je ful biti kul
Zimmer frei
Fur immer punk
Nije sve tako sivo

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