Rock Otočec 2009

With the crew from Datalab (Alenka, Matija, Matjaž and Aljaž) we drove in the afternoon to the venue of the festival in Dolenjsko. We park the car far away and I left my things in the car, mistake. On arrival at the venue, they run out of wristbands for people waiting in line to get in. Frnaci Kek arrived on small scooter with a tray of beer and gives it to us to calm us down while we wait for the bracelets, which also arrived soon. We set up two tents and continue to the stage.

Rock Otočec 2009 1
In front of tent, Rock Otočec 2009

Now we got to tents with drinks. Weather was problem, raining all the time. Each had its favourit bend, form e it was Zabranjeno pušenje. Setlist was Pushluschtae, Zaklonišče prepeva, Zabranjeno pušenje, Big Foot Mama & Dan D.

Rock Otočec 2009 2

Everyone returns in their own way. Since I don’t have any things and I’m soaked, I confiscate some clothes from others, but I’m still cold, wet, cold. Pissed others that come later and were missing few things

Rock Otočec 2009 3

It was muddy as expected on Rock Otočec, but maybe I was too old for that shit.

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