Ogam korean restatauran

New location – Kolodvorska 2024

I saw they moved from Miklošič to Kolodvor street. On lunch break I tried tgis location. Not to much guests, nice interior with BBQ tables, menu with just few items as new location is not yet known.

Ogam korean restatauran 1

I ordered Dak Gang Jung,fried chicken in swett spicy sauce (15€) big portion, got rice not that much and sprouts and sweet potatoes. Took kimchi (4€) for salad and drunk tap water. It was tasty small portion of rice, not big choice on menu nd bit pricy. We will see hw rhey develop.

Ogam korean restatauran 2

Old location – Miklošičeva 2022

With my colleagues, I went to the Korean restaurant Ogam, located at Miklošičeva 9d. They are a little harder to find because they are in the underpass and you have to climb the stairs to the restaurant. Basic equipment and Korean chef, staff, music on TV, and even certain guests. Miha is impressed by their culture and even recognized one singer. Tried to teach us to say Thank you.

Ogam korean restatauran 3

I ordered lunch with the daily soup and Bibimbap (rice, vegetables-carrots, zucchini, spinach, sprouts, mushrooms, pork, sesame; fried egg, sauce). Everything is delicious, the portion is not too big, the yolk is fried, lunch costs €9.90.

Ogam korean restatauran 4

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