Top Gun: Maverick with sister

My sister and I saw Top Gun for the first time 35 years ago in Kino Bežigrad, where our father took us. So when the second part came on screen, it was only logical that we watch it together and of course in the same cinema.

I bought two tickets online (€ 13). On Friday after work, I went for a beer with my colleagues, and a little after 6 pm my sister picked me up in the city before we continue to Bežigrad. We had free parking in the parking garage. We lit a cigarette in front of the cinema and went to the theater with popcorn and a drink (€ 12). The seats are somewhere in the middle.

Top Gun: Maverick with sister 1

Already in the opening minutes of the film, there is a Danger zone song, a pilot jacket, a motorcycle, and Ray-Ban sunglasses. Clearly, a sequence will learn a lot on the first part of the film. Tom Cruise has aged too little in 3 and a half decades. Of course, such a film does not lack drama, love and sweetness, cheap humor, unrealistic action, machismo, and muscular bodies, but this time there are also girls and members of other races to make everything politically correct.

But still, this is the film I expected. For me, its value is in nostalgia. Somehow it shows the farewells of a certain period (drone replaces pilots, Tony Scott is gone, cinemas are being pushed out by Netflix-type platforms, …). Either way, it was an ideal opportunity for me to spend some quality time with my sister. Although we’ve been seeing each other almost every day, we haven’t been to the movies together since 1998 (There is something about Mary and Mulan). After the movie, we had a drink and on the way home, we stopped at the gas station for cigarettes.

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