Sailing 2022

Sailing with colleagues from Marga has already taken place this year for 15th time. Otherwise, no one works there anymore, the team changed in the meantime and is of varying size. This year we remembered quite late to get organized and most members were already busy. In the end there was barely 5 of us. We set the date 28.-31.5. First we booked Hanse 458, approx. 14m for 1,600 €. We exagerateda little because the boat is for 10 people and there were 5 of us.

On Saturday morning around 7 am Jure picked me up, before he picked up Miha and now only Uroš left. Damjan is already down there. Mandatory stop at the gas station, drove across Kočevje, the border is empty, stop at the hotel. We arrived in Biograd na Moru quickly, looking for the boat in Marina Kornati. But our boat was smashed by our predecessors and we got an even bigger boat for 12 people, Elan 50 Impression, platform, dinghy with engine, SUP, towels, cockpit refrigerator, …

Sailing 2022 1

After breakfast and drink now followed the entire paperwork procedure, shopping (€ 440), loading and taking over the boat (transit log € 320). We finally sailed out of the marina, the wind carried us in the right direction and we reached speed of up to 7 knots, which is good. When we finally got to the shore, the Kiss tavern is already closed. We also visit German-speaking neighbors, I overturn a dinghy when we left, a lot of things happen, but Tohatsu was still working.

The next day we dried wet things, ate breakfast and went sailing, the weather was pretty solid and the wind took us up to 8 knots. At the end we moored in Telaščica (36 €). After dinner, a walk to the cliffs. In the evening we end up on the Styrian boat, we leave no men behind.

Sailing 2022 2

On the third day we had a drink (38 €) on the coast and after a late breakfast we sailed out. There was no excess wind this time and we were mostly on the motor. But it was hellishly hot. Part of the crew sleeps in the shade the other part is a little more active. In between there is a stop for swimming. In the evening we were again on Pašman on the bouya, this time in Zaklopica (20 €). Two optimists went to the coast, but the inn only serves beer and an omelette. They returned back to visit the neighbors but there was no luck. In the end, Miha and I chatted until midnight and went to sleep.

Sailing 2022 3

Slow morning again, we tidy up a bit and ate breakfast. On the way back there was another swimming stop, Tkon. From there just across the Pašman Channel to Biogad na moru. Before we returned the boat, we refueled for € 28 and jumps happen here. This is followed by the handover of the boat, the return of the deposit (€ 2,500). Surprisingly nothing was destroyed on the boat. I met Miha, a former colleague from Adacta, another drink and we were already on our way home (parking € 38, petrol € 97, tolls € 32), stop in between, empty border and around 7 pm I was in front of the house.

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