Graduation day Gea College 2022

On Thursday, GEA College held its graduation ceremony at Ljubljana Castle. Since I was a mentor in one thesis, I was also invited. Although I am not enthusiastic about such events and I was not even at my own graduation ceremony, they sent it to my home by mail. But here I am in the role of a mentor for the first time, and since everything was remote in the times of COVID, I wanted to see the student live at least once.

Graduation day Gea College 2022 1

After work I rushed home, got dressed and took a taxi to the castle. I got a welcome drink, took a picture with the female directors and slowly moved into the hall. The program was coordinated by Jerneja Podbevšek Zhembrovskyy, with performances by singer Alenka Godec and Maše Ferme.

Graduation day Gea College 2022 2

The award for the faculty is was made by the dean, mag. Katja Kraškovic and for the higher schools the principal Nataša Makovec, MA. In between, my student Nina also took her turn. After the presentation, there was a group photo and snack. I spoke a few words with my colleagues, the principal and the student.

Graduation day Gea College 2022 3

From there on by taxi to Kino Šiška, Jure celebrated his birthday.

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