Bar Pr’ Konjčku (at horsey’s)

This Sunday afternoon we were debating where we were going to get a little fresh air and not to rotten at home on the couch. After a short conversation we came to the conclusion that we are not going to the center to be among concrete, but somewhere closer to nature. The second condition was that we don’t have to drive half an hour to get there. To complicate even more we said that we would not go into the crowd, thus eliminating various places like Čolnarna, Mostec and the like.

When girls picked me up at half-past four, I found out we were going to Ig where there is a horse bar. I told myself, let see that one. After 15 minutes we arrived at the location. There is a bar between the forest on one side and the horse girdle on the other. We sat outside because the weather was pretty solid.

We enjoyed the two hours we spent there discussing e’Leclerc, travel, work and all the other things that are usually the topics of these gatherings. We were able to monitor horses, cats and the pig, walking vehemently around the perimeter and scratching the edge of the building listening to the music on Aktual radio (Josipa Lisac, Eros Ramazzoti, …). The garden also offers views of Sonnegg Castle, which houses a prison for women. When we got back, we were glad to have moved from a house somewhere out in the open. To conclude, the bill for 2x jaggery, 2x celery, 2x juice, 1x coffee was € 10. I think we come again when it gets a little bit warmer.

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