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Shortly after World War II, Ljubljana got a zoo, and in 1951 it moved to its current location, where it spreads over almost 20 ha on the SE slope of Rožnik, only a 20-minute walk from the city center. Here we can observe domestic and foreign animal species, about 500 animals and 120 different species. We can also see them live via a live webcam.


Pricelist 2021


In addition to basic tickets for various categories, they also offer annual tickets, which are only 5 times a single visit. There are also special programs such as Caretaker (Feeding animals), Thematic guidance, Birthday, …

sea lion
high school8,0040,00
assistant to disabled3,00*
kids younger than 2 years0,000,00
cenik zoo Ljubljana 2021

Last visit


Andreja and I are having lunch at Čad and we are not ready to go home yet. Since the Zoo is nearby and neither of us has been there for a while we decide to take a stroll there. At the entrance, one family comes in front of us, but at least they apologize. The basic circle should start in the east and ascend to the north and descend on the west side before you complete the circle. We both roughly followed this path with minor deviations.


In the beginning, we stopped at alpacas that are grazing some bushes and don’t care about us at all. Sea lions swim in circles, one in their mouth playing with a stick. When it comes to the Cheetahs, they are resting on a platform. One even raises his head to look at us. The bears are separated, where one restlessly walks around and the other rests. Here the path turns upwards. We don’t see chimpanzees, only little black tufted monkeys bouncing in their cage. Wolves also sleep and are not interested in visitors.


Black storks are interesting. Now we folowed the slope to the sleeping lynx that showed us their backs. When we get to the ibex, they grind horns on the branches. A little further from the hotel for single bees he despairs because it seems as if there is nothing further ahead. Later, owls and deer are also on the map. Maybe next time. We go back and stop at the zebras are feeding. It is similar at two-humped camels. The giraffes are not in the house yet. Tigress Vida is also asleep. The leopard at least walks and we can at least see it in its entirety. The elephant is also doing its walk.

cat panda

In Ljubljana, we also have a panda, otherwise a miniature cat version. One stretched across the log and the other watched us. Wild pigs had puppies that were lively compared to their mother. It was parrots time that is loud and some are featherless? Again, there is a deer on the other side of the fence. We can take a closer look at kangaroos and pelicans. There are no monkeys again. Giraffes are now in the byte and feeding. The lion lies down and roars every now and then, the lioness doesn’t care and sleeps on. Before leaving, we stop at the meerkats, who are curious and dig through something. The last stop for monkeys and grasshoppers is at the entrance/exit.


A nice walk after a late lunch. It is probably an ideal way out for families with small children and pets. But because of Covid, a couple of things were closed, e.g. terrarium. The timing is probably a bit wrong because most of the animals, at least the beasts, were resting (from half-past five in the afternoon). On the other hand, they sleep most of the day anyway if they are not eating or performing some other physiological need. There is still a lot of space and we could probably expand and rearrange it. In the end, it feels a little bad feeling because you know these animals are in a confined space and closed just for our entertainment, even though they’ve been treated better in recent decades. The only ethical one is probably the ZOO on Horjul, where he rescues animals and gives them a peaceful rest of life


Previos visits

I have been to the Ljubljana ZOO several times, but there are a few visits worth mentioning.


The sister worked as a volunteer at the zoo in high school (Moste Gymnasium). Among other things, her job was to take care of the lion cub Charlie. During the period when he was about as big as a German Shepherd, my cousin and I could visit her and see a lion and even play with him. At one point, he grabbed my pants and started shaking them. We quickly left the puppy. While walking through the garden, my cousin shook hands with the little monkey.


The next day after the valet in Super Li, our classmates got together for the last time and went to the zoo. We were all tired and sleepless. It was raining. The bear and the teddy bear were intimate.


In the first year of college, we meet classmates from high school at the Biotechnical Faculty, where one of us studied. We decide to visit ZOO on that Monday and get together. While walking around Rožnik, we remember that the zoo is nearby and that we could visit it. We didn’t walk to the main entrance and enter the nearest path. We walk in the park for an hour or two. However, there are no visitors in the park, we only meet a couple of animal keepers and even some non-dangerous animals walking outdoors. At the exit, we see a child asking Grandpa how we could get inside if it’s closed. Namely, the ZOO is closed on Mondays!


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