James Bond-movie-No time to die

James Bond is back on the movie screen for the 25th time. Andreja and I didn’t win any tickets, so we decided to go on our own. Choice between cinemas and dates. In the end, the decision is made to watch the film at the Komuna cinema on Thursday at 5:45 p.m. In addition to the Dvor in Kinoteko, Komuna remained one of the old cinemas. Half an hour before the show, I bought tickets in the middle of the ground floor (€ 7.30). Previously, just 6 tickets were sold. Of course we get popcorn (cold and with a lot of unopened grains) and a drink (beer in a paper glass). Of course, there are PCTs and masks, but everyone interprets this in their own way. The chairs in the hall are not the most comfortable and there is no cup holder.

kino komuna
kino komuna

The film itself already in the introduction serves up beautiful shots and plenty of action. Franchise 007 sticks to established patterns, fast cars, beautiful girls, action, technological devices, villains, elegant agent with a “shaken but not stirred” vodka martini. However, the film moves away from Fleming’s books and Connery’s roles. Daniel Craig himself has shattered the myth of a charming and elegant agent for the last 15 years and 5 films. The once macho main character who seduced the most beautiful women of that time is now only his pale shadow. They are trying to be political correct and somewhat forced here are the roles of women, blacks and even the LGBT community. The action and technology is present, but not breathtaking. The line between good and bad in the characters is also blurred. The film isn’t bad, but in the context of the franchise, I expected more. We will see what the future of the franchise will be.

After more than 2 and a half hours, it was a pleasure to stretch my legs and visit the toilet. To make the evening perfect, we went to Mc Donalds. Here, too, was PCT and masks. Ordered we waited too long, they made a mistake. So we got ice cream as an apology. French fries and ice cream is an interesting combination. While it was raining outside, we sa t on the top floor and waited for the rain to pass while we talked. I got home around 10pm from a full high school date.

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