Agrotourism Tončići

After an extended weekend in Barbariga, which was quite unusual but in the end positive, we went to Oprtalj to the Tončići farm tourism at the suggestion of friends. The road is quite winding and first, across Motovun and then to Oprtalj, there are quite a few serpentines, which the dogs couldn’t handle. We stop twice in between. With a leisurely drive, we needed an hour and a half to the location Agroturizam Tončić, Čabarnica 42, Zrenj, 52428 Oprtalj.

Agrotourism Tončići 1

We parked in front of the entrance and remembered we didn’t call for a reservation. Optimistically we walked to the entrance. A cold shower awaits us, dogs cannot go inside and a reservation is required in advance. Of course, we can’t drive away right away. In the end, they sat us in front of the house. We let the waitress/cook choose food.

Agrotourism Tončići 2

For starters, it was a vegetable cream soup made from seasonal vegetables with croutons and a couple of cracklings. After a couple of days, it is finally time to eat something warm. However, care must be taken because the soup is hot and both burned our tounges.

Agrotourism Tončići 3

For the main course, we order pasta, ravioli with asparagus, and fuži with white truffles. Ravioli was delicious, made from homemade pasta, with wild asparagus and prosciutto. Fuži were of course also homemade and there was no shortage of truffles. We are happy to put everything away. We drunk homemade red wine.

Agrotourism Tončići 4

Of course, we are full but our eyes are hungry and we order also dessert. Cheesecake with berries and some chocolate biscuit with mascarpone and hazelnuts and honey. It was not easy for us, but we fought to the end. For the digestive, I drink one biska, a mistletoe brandy.

In short, the ambiance is ideal, the food is delicious, the prices are reasonable. The staff is friendly, at least six people from the kitchen, the owners, the grandchildren playing Golica, stopped at the table … I would definitely recommend a visit to this plaza. The path is a bit strenuous, but it is worth the effort.

The bill was around 50 euros, I paid approx 60 euros with a tip.

In the end, it was time to go home . We chose a small border crossing, where we avoided the crowds. The journey took more than 2 hours. In the meantime, we stopped at the gas station. She brought me home, slightly tired, where I unpacked and lied down in front of the TV.

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