Honeyland – movie

For the first time since March, I went to the movies. Back to Kinodvor. This time Boško proposed the documentary Honeyland. Given that this is the first Oscar-nominated film in the categories of documentary and feature film it was promising enough. The first visit to the cinema after the pandemic meant a couple of additional measures. Wearing a mask all the time, from entry, whole move, to exit from the cinema. We were in the first row in the middle, two seats left, and right there was no one and 2nd row was empty. All in all a little unusual experience but without problems.

Before watching the film, I just took a quick look at a couple of posts about the film so I had a feeling I’d see something likable. And in fact, the film didn’t leave me indifferent. The main protagonist in her remote world with her mother and bees functions until the arrival of another family brings chaos to this environment. I was fascinated by the beautiful photography and the bizarreness of the whole situation.

I later read that they had been filming for 3 years and slowly the story unfolded. From all this material, they compose a strong story with a strong connotation of an ecological problem. There are a few moments that bothered me, but it’s definitely still a great movie.

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