Visiting Vrhnika

It’s the weekend, it’s hot and we’re thinking about where to go. Vrhnika has been mentioned several times before, so now was the ideal time. We head around half-past one. The highway is crowded, but we are still moving at 80 km / h.

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The first stop is at the source of the Velika Ljubljanica. After some searching, we park at a pile of manure, and past the Retovje climbing wall, where a few toddlers are climbing, we come to a spring. Due to the lack of rain lately, the water level is quite low, but it is still interesting to see that the water comes out of nowhere, from the ground. This place is obviously popular with anglers. An elderly couple rests on a bench.



We move by car to Kašča and from there we take it across an interesting park to Močilnik, where the source of the Mala Ljubljanica is. Along the way are cows grazing and grain is ripening. The last part of the path is nice, along the macadam path in the shade, where benches are placed (Plečnik design). There we meet Anžeta, who is on a walk with toddlers and dogs. There is even less water in this spring, but the mosquitoes are endless and we quickly head back to the car.



In the city, we look for a bar that is not right next to the main road. We end up in the Urška bar. There are locals who have been tired from the night before when there was a DJ there. After refreshing ourselves with a drink, we make around in the city. Here everything is marked by Ivan Cankar, where he all lived, naming the square after him … We stopped at the memorial house, this is now a different building than at the time of Cankar’s birth, and this was subsequently remodeled. This house contains some authentic objects from this period. There they suggest that we join the event related to the Roman Navport at the Vrhnika Tourist Information Center. There we saw that this is a more for kids and we moved on.

cankarjeva hiša
Cankar’s house


We drive across the Verd again, this time to Bistra. Here is the castle of Bistra from the 13th century, which until 1782 served as a monastery of the Carthusian Order. Today there is the Technical Museum of Slovenia, the largest museum in Slovenia by area. However, we are not here because of the museum, but because of the walk through the castle gardens. The ticket is 1 €. An all-encompassing experience of walking around the castle and green areas interspersed with water surfaces. After walking around the pond, there were annoying insects in the shade again and we decided it was enough for today and head back.


We head home on the old road. Pr ‘Kopač we stoped in Brezovica for a delicious and plentiful lunch. Now, all we have to do is get home and watch the EURO2020 match England : Ukraine 4 : 0 on the couch.


In any case, Vrhnika is more than a suitable excursion point, 20 km away from Ljubljana. If you decide to visit the springs of the Ljubljanica, do so a day after heavy rain because there will be more to see. In the summer, have a repellent. In the city itself, it pays to take a walk and stop at the TIC with the kids for an ancient story. If you want to go uphill, there is the Church of the Holy Trinity. Beer lovers can visit the Human fish brewery, where they can see the operation or drink some of their products. Definitely, Bistra is worth a visit, just for a walk or with children to the Technical Museum, Nature lovers can take a walk or drive to Stari Maln, a popular promenade outside the city.

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