Pr’ Kopač – Brezovica

After the trip to Vrhnika, we got hungry, and on the way back along the old road, we stopped at Brezovica. A friend suggests we try Pr’ Kopač. In an inn with a 150-year tradition, everyone praises their breaded chicken. Although I only worked 200 meters away years ago, I have never been to them and I agree that it is high time to try it. It arrives a little after 5 pm and we don’t have a reservation, but there is still a place for us on the other side of the patisserie.

Pr' Kopač
Pr’ Kopač

Table of Contents


When it comes to appetizers, choosing took time. We wanted something light, they run out of the octopus, and we decide on the tuna with the waiter’s suggestion. We took tuna tartar and tataki. Tartar on toasted bread, tataki nicely grilled on the sides, and pink in the middle. Along with soy sauce and wasabi to enhance the taste and ginger to refresh the taste buds. Everything was delicious, in a large portion, and nicely served. I drunk beer, she had white winw.

Pr' Kopač predjed tuna
Pr’ Kopač tuna appertizer

Main course

Of course, if we came for the famous chicken, we had no choice here. Again, we listen to the waiter suggesting half a chicken, which is supposed to be a portion for two. We are still a little skeptical, so we take only one portion of saute potatoes as a side dish and a mixed salad (lettuce, cabbage, beans, already made). The rind is crispy and not too greasy, the chicken is juicy and well cooked even at the bone. This dish is justifiably famous here. The fried potatoes are a bit dull but with a little pepper, it was good enough. Of course, the portion is too big and we had two pieces left for home.

Pr' Kopač pohan piščanec
Pr’ Kopač pohan piščanec


We are definitely more than full, but our eyes are still hungry and we optimistically ordered one dessert together. We choose a chocolate cake with raspberries. Classic cake, biscuit, filling, topping, all in several layers. It is quite filling and we have to do our best to finish it on a full stomach. Upon departure, all tables are full as well as the car park.

Pr' Kopač čokolada-malina torta
Pr’ Kopač cake chocolate and raspberry


Together with the tip, the bill is € 60. It is definitely worth stopping here on the way back from the sea or from that direction. Keep in mind that the portions are really not small and there will be a high probability that you will have some leftovers. So something from the bread dishes is worth ordering here. The waiter was friendly and helpful. A reservation is usually not required for two but it is recommended for larger groups.

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