On Thai opens on Rudnik

On Thai opened their second restaurant outside Leclerc shop. So this is good news for all Thai food lovers. If you get hungry while you are on a shopping spree here you can regain your strength with some tasty food. Miji and E (Roza slon) are spreading their business with partners.

On Thai opens on Rudnik 1

On Saturday’s gloomy day I walked from home to this place (20 min). On arrival I checked their menu for 7,9 €: Of course here is the most famous Thai dish Pad Thai, in second place was my favorite Pad Kee Mao, another spicy dish Suki Yaki, Khao Pad fried rice, and Pad Med with rice. Also, snacks were available; chicken wings 4,5 € and 3 types of spring rolls (chicken 4,5 €, vegetable 3,8 €, and shrimp 4,8 €). For a dish of the week (7,9 €) they offered Pad Se-ew and Green curry.

On Thai opens on Rudnik 2

Of course, I ordered Pad Kee Mao with beef, spicy 3. Soon I got my meal and grabbed my chopsticks. The size of the meal was appropriate with lots of beef, the spiciness was sufficient, and a string of pepper was there. What surprised me was the vegetable, it was string beans but they mixed well with the dish. All in all satisfied and now they are in the neighborhood I will visit more often.

On Thai opens on Rudnik 3

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