At 5 AM we arrived in Vientiane. From the bus station with 2 rows we moved to the city. We walked with Ozzie, he gave us directions to the central bus station, there was a bit chaotic. So we found one hotel that was opened, sit there for a beer, and checked online if there is much to do in the city.

Vientiane 1

We visited the Patuxai gate, went to the information office but it was not working. So we took the bus to the main bus station for south directions. First, it was an idea to take a night VIP bus to Pakse, but while at 10 AM was a local bus we took that one. The ride lasted some 13h, empty at the beginning so I hoped I’ll have the last row for myself. After 1 hour of picking people around the city, we were full.

Vientiane 2

I dozed off and one guy leaned on my fresh wound when I screamed he tried to apologize and press again against the wound and finally, he realized what was the problem. It turns out that he was a nice guy, he bought a mango and share it with us and others sitting close by. There were few babies but didn’t cry too much. The second half of the trip was better, I was alone on 5 seats, tried to sleep but on bumpy road back pain was there. We stopped a few times on the way, enough for a cigarette. Late at night, we arrived at the bus station and with 2-row to Pakse with other tourists. We found a place at Larkan hotel where we shared a room with a dutch girl. After the bathroom, it was time to sleep.

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