Luang Prabang 2

We woke up at 9 AM, looking at what to do. We decided to go to the waterfall with the scooter.

Luang Prabang 2 1

So we rented one, after 1km we fall, and returned it (150k LAK).

Luang Prabang 2 2

So we took the van to waterfalls (100k LAK), nice place with turquoise water pools and big main waterfall, beer 40k LAK.

Luang Prabang 2 3

We returned back and walked around town. We had dinner in the street. We waited in a hostel for a 2-row ride to the bus station. There we took VIP (200k person) night bus to Vientiane. It was a really strange setting, 3 rows of place to lay down. It was a bit lifted and the guy behind you would have his legs under your head. But for me, it was too small a place to lay down and stretch, so again no sleep for me. Also, the road was winding and I was tossed around in my confined space. Otherwise, we got water. something to eat, clean blanket.

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