Udinese vs Fiorentina 0:1 Dacia Arena

Since my colleagues and I had the opportunity to free get tickets, we took advantage of this. Blaž picks me up at half-past one. After a good hour of driving, we parked in Vrtojba at the gas station. After a drink (almost doubled check) we moved on with Robert, who had already picked up Andrej. After half an hour and a bit of searching, we were already at the stadium. The stadium was renovated a couple of years ago and everything was rebuilt except the north stand, where we had tickets. I was there 15 years ago at a Vasco Rossi concert. Dacia Arena – Friuli Stadium is considered one of the most beautiful. This was followed by a walk to the right entrance. In between, we are redirected by a security guy who quotes Dante. During the entrance, they check the body temperature, ID, PCT, and later also the ticket. I choose the wrong queue, where people don’t know how to scan a ticket, but we finally got to the seats at the end (west stand – the only part of the old stadium, 22 rows). Every other seat is closed and tied.

dacia arena udine
dacia arena udine

The match in the first Italian league (Seria A) between the hosts Udinese in 10th place and the guest Fiorentina in 6th place. Fiorentina starts much better and most of the match took place on half of the home side. After a sixteen-meter foul, the referee looks at the VAR and awards a penalty kick. Vlahović calmly made this penalty in the middle, Silvestri threw himself in the wrong direction and we had the result, which is maintained until the end of the match, 0:1.


During the break we make our way to the bar, you had to pay before ordering, Moretti 0.5 l beer is € 5. In the second half, the picture is reversed, Fiorentina moves back, defending the result and procrastinating. But this almost got backfired, because Udinese took the initiative, created chances but did not score a goal. In the extension, we head out to avoid the crowds. Although the stadium was less than half full, both fans created the right atmosphere. The home fans are tireless, creating a nice feel. Despite the small number, the guests are also loud enough. Of course here are the fan songs with the words ‘Vaffanculo’! Under the leadership of Fiorentina, there is a purple torch among their fans. Part of folklore and atmosphere. An interesting match, there could be more goals and an equal result would be deserved.

navijač udinese
navijači Udinese Teddy boys

On the way home, we stopped at the inn “osteria mulin vecio” for a snack and a glass of white. Latter driving home is delayed due to congestion on the highway from Unec onwards. We drove this part along the old road.

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