Belgrade Ljubljana 22

I missed breakfast and did late checkout at 11:30 while I returned early in the morning from a party.

Belgrade Ljubljana 22 1
St. Sava church

We first moved to st. Sava, one of the biggest orthodox churches. We walked to the center and were hungry, so we stopped at 3 šešira (hats) in Skadarlija for lunch. We ordered a meat plate and ćevapi and a song (Žute dunje) for 10€. Food is tasty but it is a bit of a tourist trap.

Belgrade Ljubljana 22 2
gypsy musicians at 3 šešira

We waited for the game in an Irish pub. To move to the stadium Rajko Mitić – Marakana we had a problem finding a taxi (1000 RSD). Still, we had to walk to the west stand whit other 45.000 fans. Fans from both sides created a vibrant atmosphere, flares, songs, choreography. Crvena zvezda won over Partizan 2:0.

We exited 10 min earlier to avoid the crowd. Taxi back to hotel overcharged us (3000 RSD). We picked up our car at hotel and drove toward Ljubljana. Around 1am I was at home

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