Trip to Tipaza

It was a slow morning. I went to a shop and bought for breakfast biscuits and water, for 150 DZD=1 €. Now I went to Tafourah bus station. I spend some time searching for the station and for the bus to Tipaza. Found a minibus that was almost full and soon we were on our way, 90 DZD=0.63 €. This ride lasted almost 2 hours.

Trip to Tipaza 1

Tipaza is a city known for UNESCO-protected Roman ruins and a Mauretanian mausoleum. From the station, I had a long walk downhill to town. It was time for lunch and I stopped in a restaurant on my way with just local customers. Ordering was a bit of a challenge because I don’t speak French or Arabic and they didn’t speak English. But somehow I managed to order a cream soup, 1/4 of grilled chicken with potatoes and rice. With harissa sauce, french baguette bread, and 2l bottle of water, 1200 DZD=8.3 €.

Trip to Tipaza 2

Passed the port and entered the western side of the ruins, 120 DZD=0.83 €. You can freely walk around ruins on 3 hills. Here you can find a theater, mausoleum, basilica, church, and nice views. The city was important (population 20.000) until the Vandals conquered them in the 5th century. It is a bit hard to navigate there, not many signs of what you are seeing there, but one guard helped me find the path. Albert Camus was there and there is a tribute to him. I saw a few German tourists and many local couples.

Trip to Tipaza 3

From there I moved to the east site, 110 DZD=0.76 €, with more open space, many tombs, and less interesting. Now I walked back to the station, uphill. On my way, I bought water and some sweets, 125 DZD=0.85 €. A girl passing by offered me napkins because I was messy after eating kadaif.

Trip to Tipaza 4

There is also Mouretanian mausoleum 10 km from town, but I would need a taxi and it was enough walking and rocks for 1 day.

Trip to Tipaza 5

I waited almost 1 hour for a bus, this time it was a regular bus, 110 DZD=0.76 €, 1.5 hours. It got crowded as we got near the capital city. Again walking to the hotel. After some rest, I was preparing for my last day in Algeria. I fell asleep while watching TV, but mosquitos woke me up. I went to fast food in front of the hotel and ordered a burger for dinner, 200 DZD=1.4 €.

Trip to Tipaza 6

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