Tunis to Algeris

The first night I didn’t sleep well, the mattress was not the greatest for my back and because of my snoring roommate woke me up once to turn around, I was up at 6 am. After I finished with the bathroom (cold shower) I ordered Bolt to the airport, 10 TDN=3 €. At the airport check-in and security, a bit chaotic. Now I had some time to spend before boarding, sat on the bench, went for a cigarette, and browsed on the internet.

Tunis to Algeris 1

We boarded the flight with Air Algerie, return ticket for Tunis-Algiers was 210 €. We were on a small and old B737 airplane, with no leg space, and we got juice.

train station, Algiers airport
train station, Algiers airport

After landing and security, I changed 50 € (the black market was better than banks by 20 %; 180 DZD instead of 145 DZD). I bought an Ooredoo SIM for 500 DZD=3.5 € with 3 GB at the airport. Walked to the train station for 10 minutes and took a train to the city, 80 DZD=0.56 €. From Agha station, I walked to City Hotel Alger, 83 € for 2 nights, 3 stars. There were not many options when I was booking a hotel before acquiring a visa.

Tunis to Algeris 2

After a shower and a bit of rest, I went out and ordered shwarma, 300 DZD=2 €. First I stopped for a shave with face care, 1200 DZD=8.3 €. Bought cigarettes and lighter, 360 DZD=2.5 €. Got thirsty and bought coke, 50 DZD=0.35 €. Then I walked to the Kasbah area.

Tunis to Algeris 3

After half an hour I arrived at Kasbah/Casbah, a UNESCO-protected neighborhood from the 10th century. I walked around narrow streets, and many stairs, and most houses were not in the best shape. I continued even after dark and looked a bit dodgy but people were helpful and nothing happened. I had enough of walking and took a metro back to the hotel, 20 DZD. In front of the hotel, I grabbed 2 slices of pizza and lemonade, 100 DZD=0.7 €. After I returned back to the room it was time for resting by TV.

Tunis to Algeris 4

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