Ljubljana over Frankfurt to Tunis

I woke at 4:30, went to the bathroom, ate ham and eggs for breakfast, and smoked a cigarette. My Sister and niece took me to Brnik airport, 20 minutes away. Then followed the fastest getting to the gate, just 5 minutes, I checked in online, and it was only me at security while it was the first flight in the morning and to the first gate after the duty-free shop. Now I had time to sit on the bench I rested for half an hour.

Ljubljana over Frankfurt to Tunis 1

The first flight was with Lufthansa to Frankfurt and then on to Tunis. I paid 183 € for a return ticket. The first flight lasted 1:15 on a small plane CRJ900, we were delayed for deicing: I had enough leg space, and got a small bottle of water.

At Frankfurt airport, it was crowded. Enough time for a cigarette and toilet before boarding on A320. For the second flight we needed 2:20. Again it was enough leg space. I got water and chocolate. For the first time, I got free internet on an airplane, just for a chat apps.

Ljubljana over Frankfurt to Tunis 2

On arrival went to the ATM and withdrew 300 TND = 93 €. Next was buying a SIM card for 20 TND=6 € for 10 GB, more than enough. Tried to find a bus to the city but had no luck, so I decided on a 1-hour walk to the hostel Passed a big highway, saw the ugly industrial part of town, and bought a 2l bottle of water for 1 TDN=0.3 €. Nomads Hostel Tunis was 61 TND=18 € for 1 night. One of the rear typical hostels in Tunisia. It was a nice place, the staff was helpful and clean enough, location was not the best. I had Canadian and Algerian roommates. From there I went to Carthagena by taxi (Bolt), 15 TDN=4.5 €. Punic city-state with capital Carthage was established in 814 BC by Phonecian and destroyed by Rome in 146 BC. Today it is under UNESCO protection. The ticket to visit 10 sites around the city is 12 TDN=3.6 €. I visited a few of those ancient ruins. I started with a Roman and later Punic amphitheater, not impressive. Then I walked to the port and grave site, also not worth visiting. Next, I climbed Byrsa uphill to The Acropolium, previously known as Saint Louis Cathedral, nice view from there. Back down to the Baths of Antoninus from the Roman period. I was late and saw it just from the outside walls, impressive.

Ljubljana over Frankfurt to Tunis 3

Next was the white and blue town of Sidi Bou Said. I went there by taxi so I wouldn’t miss a sunset, 10 TDN=3 €. The driver asked me not to take a photo of the Presidential palace. On arrival, I went uphill. some persistent street vendors were there. Also, it was crowded, mainly local people. Here we can find white houses with blue doors/windows. similar to Morrocco, or Santorini in Greece. On the main street, you will come to a cliff for sunset but it is too crowded. I would suggest that you turn into one of the small streets and there in peace enjoy this colorful scenery. When I returned from the old city I bought Camel light cigarettes for 11 TDN=3.3 €. I took an old tram (they call it Metro) for 1 TDN=0.3€. The tram stopped halfway, and everyone went out, we walked to the next station and continued over the lake with the next tram. In the city, I walked toward the hostel. But it was too cold for a T-shirt, so I took another taxi, 6 TDN=1.8 €.

At the hostel, I ate both homemade sandwiches and laid down frozen and tired. Canadian gave me some food and covered me with an extra blanket. I checked the plan for tomorrow, some internet time. Later I talked to roommates about Algeria and got some useful info.

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