Budapest 3 days

Budapest was on my list.for this year but it turned out is good optiin. I already booked trip to Tunisia for 10 days and then had idea for city break in between to Algeria. Cheapest option to obtain visa was to go to Budapest. First I thought arriving sunday eveni g and back Monday afternoon going back. But if I am dou g rhis trio why not stay over weekend.

Day 1 – Ljubljana to Budapest

I bought train ticket one way 15 € and Flixbus back 17 €. I arranged vacation for Monday and that was it. On Sunday morning sister took me to station and train started at 9:30 am.

It should be 7.5 hours but with delay for broken switch it took 8h. In that time watched country side, saw hawk got rabbit. Try to sleep, ate bananas and home made sendwiches.

On arrival at west station took 2 metros, ticket 1.2 € to European Star hotel, 62 € for 2 nights, good location and price perfomance. After some chilling and shop 6 € it was time to hit town.

Some pub with youngsters, alternative scene, kraft beer 2.5 € and internet. Next was local basic bar with karaoke, too soon, 2.9 Pilsner Urquell. Next was reggae bar with DJ, with groove, 2.2 € local beer. Billy’s bar where expat meet, pub’s beer 2 €. There I met some mongilan students, few more rounds, fast food. Returned to my room at 4 am.

Day 2 – Budapest (pool and game)

I woke up at nine, after bathroom went for breakfast. I walked to spa, hot water and cold air for 2 hours, 31 €. From there some more walking and later I went to hotelwhere I left wet clothes in room to dry.

Now to the hokey game at Vasas Jegcentrum. Cigarettes are expensive, almost 6 €. I used a bus and tram and needed almost 1 hour, 24 hour ticket 6.5 €. Hungarian hockey cup, game for third place, 7 €. Ferencvaros won easily over Dunaújvárosi Acélbikák 6:1. Sendwich and popcorn, 6 €.

One more hour to get home I was tired and needed some rest, also my back was killing me. Later in the evening went for kebab plate with coke 7.8 € and some pain killers, 17 €.

Day 3 – Budapest to Ljubljana

I woke up at 7 am, after bathroom and packing went for breakfast. Now it was time to get to Algerian embassy. I needed two buses and 1 hour to arrive there. I was first customer. Lady at office recognized me from my mail. I asked to have my visa done in one day. Because I made trip from Slovenia just to get visa they tried to do it fast. I provided 2 filled forms, 2 photos, plane ticket, hotel reservation, insurance and 105 €. They were renewing offices so it was bit chaotic but stillthey made effort and my visa was done in less then an hour.

Great news ut as I expected that it will be finished by the end of working hours I took bus ticket late in the evening. So I had now 12 hours to spend. I went first to Buda castle where I took a strool, saw guard change. From there back to Buda – west side of city. There I done some more working, from Opera pass st Stephan’s church to Parlament and finished at Great market (ground paprika, 4.1 €. Back in center I got hungry and had lunch at some touristic restaurant, goulash and roasted duck breast with 2 drinks, not great but expensive, 45 €.

Budapes parliament, hungary
Budapes parliament, hungary

Few more hours to spend sp is slowly walked into south part of city, crossed Liberty bridge and back over river over Petofi bridge. On my way I stopped for Dreher beer, 2.1 € Finally I was at Népliget bus station. Spent there two hours, exausted after walking close to 30 km that they. I was on the Flixbus at 11pm and it followed 6h drive to Ljubljana, tried to get some sleep. From bus station in Ljubljana I took taxi, 7 €. After unpacking, shower and one hour sleep it was time to go to work.

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