Algiers to Tunis

This morning I was in no hurry to get up. After bathroom and packing it was time to check out. Again went to the shop for breakfast, bananas, and water, 350 DTD=2.4 €. I took metro to Jardin d’Essi, 50 DZD=0.35 €. From there to the Martyr memorial with cable car, 20 DZD=0.15 €.

Algiers to Tunis 1

At the top, there is a beautiful view of the city and a museum about the independence struggle below 93m high Martyrs’ monument, 30 DZD=0.2 €, no photos allowed.

Algiers to Tunis 2

On return down I went to botanical garden Hamma – Le Jardin d’Essai du Hamma, 150 DZD=1 €. It was crowded on the main alley with nice fountains. But you could find more peace among paths with bamboo, palms, and other trees hiding statues. Outside I bought a few souveniers, 600 DZD=4.2 €.

Algiers to Tunis 3

Yet another metro back to the center, 50 DZD=0.35 €. It was time for lunch, again some challenges to order. I got lamb, vegetables, potatoes, rice, french baguette bread, harissa spicy sauce, and water, 1550 DZD=10.8 €.

Algiers to Tunis 4

Now I took the train to the airport, 80 DZD, rode for 20 minutes, waited 30 minutes, and on arrival 10 minutes walking to the terminal. They have quite complicated procedures at the airport. It starts with a scan of luggage on entry to the airport. Bags must be checked in 90 minutes before flight. When you get a boarding pass at some desk they check your documents and put a stamp on the boarding pass. There is another check on your way to passport control if you have this stamp. Then your passport is checked. Finally, you are at security control and customs if you have something to declare.

Algiers to Tunis 5

Finally, I was on the gate side. I spent the remaining dinars on some sweets, 650 DZD=4.5 €. At boarding, there was some problem with the computer and we moved to the next gate. This flight with Air Algerie was the same as the one on my way to Algeria, a few bag compartment problems couldn’t be closed, insufficient leg space, and juice.

On arrival went through passport control. I again spent some time searching for the bus. In the end, I gave up and walked 3 km to the tram 1 TND=0.3 € that took me to the city. From there additional 3 km walk over dodgy streets and Belvedere Park to Saheb Ettabaa Hotel, 96 TND =28 €, average service and room. After showering, it was time for planning and resting.

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