Think Superfood

Think Superfood was the next healthy snack food choice. They are also nearby (Tavčarjeva 4), but they also have additional locations Rotonda in Ljubljana and BrivBARnica in Novi Mesto.

Think Superfood 1

The menu offers a variety of dishes (bowles, sandwiches, wraps, smoothies) and drinks (kombucha, coffee, tea, etc.). I chose the Calfornia Salmon bowl, which is a bowl of rice with salmon, cream cheese, soybeans, avocado, teriyaki, onions – fresh and fried.

Think Superfood 2

I ate meal ther, which was served in 5 minutes. The creamy combination of salmon, cheese and avocado goes well with warm rice, which is complemented by the crunchiness of edamame and onion. I paid €13 for this filling and delicious dish. What bothered me was that I didn’t get a napkin with meal and the equipment there was already a little worn.

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