Hiša Linhart by chef Uroš Štefelin

It was time for another fine dining with Gregor, Teja, Simon and Julie, this time it was Hiša Linhart. I got to center with taxi, 6 €. Soon arrived Simon and Julie and picked me, Gregor and Teja. We drove towards Radovljica, old medieval town in Upper carniola. We parked car and walked toward main Linhart street and walked around until time of our reservation.

Hiša Linhart restaurant is located in 500 years old house together with boutique hotel. We were greeted by personnel manager into a room on the first floor. Nice interior, food was served in specially designed plates and interesting cutlery. We opened with pear schnops, Tepka.

Amuse bouche

amuse bouche - hiša linhart

We started with homemade bread an butter with pear Tepka. Next was two bites, one with fish and ither with beef pate. Bacon with horseradish was delicous. We finished with potatoe cream, red polenta and cracklings served in egg shell – traditional breakfast ingredients nicly presented.

Zupan’s river trout

River trout on asparagus, covered with white end red strawberries, spinach soup

Hiša Linhart by chef Uroš Štefelin 1


Here was celery in soup, in ice cream and in main dish with apple and hazelnuts. Celey is not my kind of dish.

Hiša Linhart by chef Uroš Štefelin 2

Freshwater fish stew

Fillet of lake trout (Zupan fish farm) and beans (Mrkot farm), white fish sauce and trout caviar (Zupan fish farm). I was not fan of fish and beans combination.

fish and beans - hiša lenart


Pasta “žlikrofi” filled with young cheese (Beravs dairy) and pear polenta cream (Mrkot farm) with morel mushrooms, vegetable and thyme sauce. I liked this one.

žlikrof - hiša lenart


Organic cauliflower (Šlibar farm) with scampi and hazelnuts. Interesting combination, hard to cut cauliflower and soft scampi.

scampi  - hiša Linhart


This pie was inspired by recepie from 18th century,made from cheese, leek sauce, sour cream ice-cream. Basic, traditional and very likable.

Bandeljc - hiša Linhart

Chicken stew

Šlibar’s chicken in vegetable, dried tomatoes – chicken soup with noodles. Meat was nothing special, but I liked the soup.

chicken staw - hiša Linhart


We had a bit of paus with sorbet

Deer (from Kočevje)

Deer meat wirh rhubarb on side, tepka pear and eggplants in kale leaf

deer - hiša Linhart


White polenta (Mrkot farm) with honey (Kralov beekeeping), yoghurt (Golar farm) and house apricot jam. This was one of my favoiruts, traditional, basic but complex, not to sweet.

sorbet - hiša Linhart

    We sat out in garden to relex a bit with some sweets (not great) and I had sspresso coctail (nice). Menu was 140 € per person, wine 50 €. With everithing including tip we paid 200 € per person.

    espresso cocktail - hiša Linhart

    Later we drove back to Ljubljana. With Gregor we stopped for a beer at Daktari where we met his neighbours …

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