Zagreb 2023

I was in Barbariga last week to close it for the end of the season and paid some bills. I thought I had covered everything, but a few days later I got notice that they would unplug the electricity because of the due amount.

Zagreb 2023 1

I had the option to pay online but there is a big fee for payments to another country. So I decided to go to Zagreb by train (18€ return ticket) and don’t need to drive, hustle in the city and pay for parking.

Zagreb 2023 2

I walked on a foggy morning from home to the station. Got in time to buy a ticket and board as second passanger. I sat by the window. Soon it was crowded but in our compartment one seat was empty.

Zagreb 2023 3

We started a few minutes late. After the conductor checked the ticket it was time for a bit over two hours of the ride. The signal on phone was not the best, so there was time to observe the landscape out of the window and dose off. At the border, we spent 30 minutes.

Zagreb 2023 4

We were late around half an hour. On arrival, I searched for kiosk and paid the bill. Now I had less time to spend before returning back than expected. So I decided to return with a night train.

Zagreb 2023 5

I made a circle from the station to the Upper town passing Ban Jelačič square (protests anf marathon preparation), Dolac market, cathedral, Stone Gate, st. Marko church, funicular (133 years, 0.66€), a flower market, and most of the Lenuci’s horseshoe.

Zagreb 2023 6

On return to station, I had 6 more hours to spend. I sat at Esplanade for a drink 6.7 € to plan the rest of my stay. I bought a credit in app for public transport, 3€. One ride us 0.53 €.

Zagreb 2023 7

First I took a tram to Maksimir. At the stadium I bought some souvenirs, 5.6 €. Crossed the street to park and there turned into a ZOO, 6 €. Nothing special, not too big, but lost 2 hours there. Later followed some more walking in the park, resting on one bench, and bought water at Vidikovac, 2.2 €.

Zagreb 2023 8

Now I took a bus to Mirogoj cemetery and walked around old.part, Tuđman’s grave, moved to the new part, soldiers from the last war.

Zagreb 2023 9

One more bus and I was back to Kapitol and from there some more walking to the station. Bought water in a kiosk, 1.5 €. Sat for 15 minutes before getting on the train.

Zagreb 2023 10

I was early on the train, but this was a good idea because it was crowded again. We went on time from the station. The ride home was similar to one in the morning. I was at home wth a taxi (8 €) around 23h.

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