National Championship, 2023, Kranj

I caught at news that summer parr od season on grass will and with championship in Kranj. After work I went cross the street and bought return ticket to Kranj (6.4€, 1.6 with discount).

National Championship, 2023, Kranj 1

Train was crowded but I found free seat. In bit over 30 minutes we were in Kranj. From station some 15 minutes walk to ski jump, free entrance. I arrived to trial series of jumps. Stands were mostly empty. It started filling in 1st series. Mostly locals and families from jumpers. For men Peter Prevc jumped 107 meters. Among women longesr jump was by Ema Klinec, 103 meters. Wind got cold by end of series.

Second series was already under lights. Perer Prevc jumped 105.5 and won. Second was Anže Lanišek with same jump but with leg from first jump. Third was Timi Zajc. Ema Klinec won with longest jump of the day 108 meters. Second Nika Prevc and third another Nika, Križnar.

Soon followed mixed groups comperirion by clubs.After first series was in lead. In the end won Žiri club, followed by club from Tržič and Kranj. Soon there was awarding of medals but I had to catch atrain at 20:12. From station I went with taxi (8€).

I got cheap train tickets, weather was fine, I got to see ski jumps live for free, world champions walk by you. But also some bad sides, no offer for drinks, no media coverage.

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