Kočevje and Ribnica

Last sunny autumn day I used to visit Kočevje and Ribnica. Took a bus to the train station. Train over the weekend has 75% discount and paid ticket 2 € one way.

First, the ride to Kočevje. It took almost 1.5 hours, and we stopped at many local stations. I took a stroll in the old town, passed a church of St. Fabian and Boštjan and St. Jernej, crossed river Rinža. then turned to Rudarniško jezero – Miners Lake and returned back to the station

On return, I got off the train in Ribnica, sat for a drink at the station for 2 € and moved into the old town, passed St Stephanie Church, Ribnica castle, and finished at TIC where I bought some souvenirs for 2 €.

Now I had 3 hours before the next train to Ljubljana, so I first went to castle coffee shop to make a plan. I went for a hike to Ribnica Spring. Back to town for one more drink at the station. Meet a guy we I know from Metelkova there. Now followed around 1-hour ride to home. The station was close to home so I walked the last part.

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