Rambo Amadeus in Kino Šiška

Rambo Amadeus is an extravagant Balkan performer and I gladly visit his concert, 2015 Cvetličarna, and 2019 Orto bar. This tour is a tribute to himself with an Organic trio, this time in Kino Šiška (tickets 25 €). Usually, I would go with Dino but this time I went with Andreja and Katka.

To Kino Šiška I arrived with a car, but couldn’t find a parking spot so I parked it in a pedestrian zone. I met with the girls and we went for a drink because he was not in a hurry to climb the stage. He entered according to his personality, relaxed.

He performs songs from his opus but with some kind of jazz twist. Also, there is great communication with an audience. Of course, there are many anecdotes, humorous and satirical. On the encore, we “sheeps” called our shepherd out. It was nice 2 hours. Also met Dare and Špela. We finished with an obligatory drink after. Drove Katka home.

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