Zabranjeno pušenje – 19.3.2019 – Kino Šiška

At work, I notice that that day Zabranjeno pušenje will have a concert at Kino Šiška. I must mention here at the beginning that the first cassette I have owned was Zabranjeno pušenje – Das ist Walter from the 1984 Olympics. Since then, I have been following the band more or less. It was a 35th anniversary concert and it was naturally for me to go. There was also the promotion of the album Šok i nevjerica – featuring Sassja, which should be given to every visitor. Before the concert there was a film about the band. Tickets were still available and I bought one. I didn’t want to call around for a concert during a week anyway – on Tuesday and I think it was optimal to go alone. Since I bought the ticket the last day it was € 20, otherwise it was only € 17.

Zabranjeno pušenje - 19.3.2019 - Kino Šiška 1
Zabranjeno pušenje 35 godina

I arrived a little before the concert and treated myself to a beer. I headed to the hall just before 9pm and catch the end of the movie. The band arrived on stage in about 15 minutes. Sexon as a front man is irreplaceable, he has good communication with the audience. His voice is not a stronger side and here the only pity is for the breakup of the band in the 90s. A pleasant surprise is the talented Lana Škrgatić on saxophone, flute, keyboards and as a back vocalist. The legends of the YU rock scene persist for almost 3 hours on stage. They perform a mixture of old hits from the pre-war period, post-war and from the last album (Karabaja, Abid, Drina Canyon, Beautiful Alma, Republic Day, Bos or Hadžija, Zenica blues, Počasna salva, …). Although I went to the concert alone, I met my former colleague Valerija and my classmate from the Špela primary school. On top of that, Dare is also there. In the end, the fine evening was full of nostalgia.

zabranjeno pušenje
zabranjeno pušenje

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