Orto Fest – Rambo Amadeus 31.3.2019

A high school classmate, Dino, likes to attend concerts by Antonio Pušić aka Rambo Amadeus. We were in a Cvetličarna together a couple of years ago and it wasn’t bad. We heared each other again and the decision is made that we will once again attenda poetic and musical spectacle, which takes place within the Orto Fest – a festival in the Orto bar. The ticket was € 22, on the day of the concert € 27. We got together that Sunday around 9pm and slowly head inside. The small stage somehow suits that type of concert. On the stage next to Rambo is the accompanying group Five Winnetous (drums, bass guitar, keyboards, saxophone, trumpet), which perfectly complement Rambo. The concert took place between songs, recitations and the artist’s collaboration with the audience. It’s all wrapped up in his charismatic and sarcastic humor, though. The concert passes too quickly and it was time to go home because it was Sunday and I have to go to work next day.

Orto Fest - Rambo Amadeus 31.3.2019 1
Rambo Amadeus by 815

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